The procedures administered by this office are non medical procedures. They are not intended to be a treatment , prescription, therapeutic or corrective measure for human ailments, symptoms or conditions of any kind. Only your license physician can provide such medical treatments. This office does not engage in the diagnosis, prescriptions or treatments of physical or mental aliments or conditions of any kind. Any medical complaints or request for diagnosis prescriptions or treatment  of the human ailments should be referred to by your license physician.   
Spring Savings Specials Start
Coming soon!!
Initial Single Lymphatic Massage $120.00

Single Lymphatic Drainage Massage with Warm Oils $100.00
Package Specials Include
Two Lymphatic Massage, Two Lymphatic Wand, TwoReflexology/Footbath & Two Ear Candling - $480.00 
One Raindrop Therapy Massage & One Ear Candling - $90.00 
Two Lymphatic Massage, & Reflexology/Footbath- $200.00