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Reiki is the tradition  of working with many modalities working with the  flow of energy through the body as am means to promote healing. Energy can be directed or encouraged to move through and around the body in such a way as to have impact on the physical structure and function of the body as well as emotional well being.

The Procedure

The tech will first meet with you to determine your goals and answer any questions your may have about the procedure . The Tech will then treat your aura to help cleanse and fulfill your energy. They will open Reiki symbols and set the intention for you to receive your highest good. Then continue the procedure by  treating your seven charka's by applying their techniques to your front and backside, the hour long session will conclude with another treatment to your Aura leaving you cleansed and ready to face the day ahead.

Reiki is way to channel energy to various parts of the body through the Chakra's. Energy channels may be blocked. Making parts of the body unable to communicate with the rest. This leaves you feeling sluggish, over stress, anxious and in extreme cases ill. Reiki is the key in reducing stress and promoting relaxation by re-balancing the energy contained in the seven Chakra's.
The procedures administered by this office are non medical procedures. They are not intended to be a treatment , prescription, therapeutic or corrective measure for human ailments, symptoms or conditions of any kind. Only your license physician can provide such medical treatments. This office does not engage in the diagnosis, prescriptions or treatments of physical or mental aliments or conditions of any kind. Any medical complaints or request for diagnosis prescriptions or treatment of the human ailments should be referred to by your license physician. 

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